Spiritual Patriotism

Alternate Kingdom℠ is above Religion and Politics.  This Alternate Reality World℠ exists to protect our natural rights granted to us by our creator.  Through a secular Kingdom on earth we can live our lives as intended; to defend 100% Life, Liberty, and Property (Fruit of Labor) for ourselves, family, and neighbors.

Without all our Fruit of Labor we can not have 100% Life, Liberty, or the pursuit of Happiness.

This is a Social Altruism reboot of the communal cooperative of 1741 in The Christmas City.  Not unlike the first endeavor in Bethlehem, PA where members felt they were a part of a community and not necessarily a Church, we can live a Spiritually Patriotic life without the dogma of Religion or Politics.

This time though we know that there needs to be Natural Selection along side Natural Cooperation (Martin Nowak).  We need to keep ownership of our property (non-collectivism) while still receiving the benefit of reciprocal cooperation.  You see Social Altruist groups out perform competitive ones over time.  We can capture this efficiency and turn it in to capital gains for all members.  We call this Capital Gainism or (Capitalism Evolved).  This is nature as intended.  You can not beat nature in the long haul.

We can finally live for, and by the power of our granted rights.  We can morally and ethically achieve our intended purpose, a Reason Driven Life.